4 Tips to Get More Done In Less Time

Are you running from rehearsal to class to class to meetings to rehearsal and STILL feeling like you got absolutely nothing accomplished? Trust me, we’ve all been there!

Running Out of Time?

  1. Write down all the things. Don’t just take it for granted that you’re going to remember every little iota in your mind. Follow this simple rule: if you want to remember it, write it down; and if you don’t want to write it down, then forget about it! Is keeping a memorized list of things to do really the best use of your brainpower? I think not! Write down what you need to do and stick to your list. Nothing more, nothing less. (It takes discipline, but try it for a couple of days and you’ll be amazed by how much more you can get done.)
  2. Keep ONE to-do list. There is only one of you, so it just makes sense to have one to-do list. Whether you consider something “work”, “school work”, or “personal business”, putting things on separate lists just means that you’ll have to do more work prioritizing which list to work on later. Keep everything on one list and it’ll be easy for you to take care of calling Mrs. Pratchett while driving to the grocery store.
  3. Don’t fall for the urgent trap! Just because something is urgent or immediate does NOT mean that it’s important. Yes, something could be both urgent and important (think life-threatening injuries), but most things are not *actually* important. Take a look at your to-do list and ask yourself, “Does doing this task bring me closer to my goals?” If the answer is no, scratch it off the list right away. I can already hear the panic alarms going off in your head. “But Sky, this is REALLY important because everyone will hate me if I don’t bring 20 dozen homemade cookies to the meeting!” Are you sure? Just because you feel like you “have” to do something, doesn’t mean that it’s important. 
  4. Stop distracting yourself.Even as I’m writing this, I’ve got Facebook open on another tab. Luckily, I had the brains to turn off my TV and leave my cell phone in another room for now. When we have “just too much” to do, we tend to consciously or subconsciously help ourselves fail. We procrastinate, we check out pictures of cats in sundresses, we call up our long-lost best friend from 4th grade and lament about how Central Elementary just isn’t what it used to be. Turn off the distractions; focus on what is really, truly, important to you; and start succeeding!
How do you stay productive? Let us know in the comments below.