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How to Build Lasting Relationships in Your Concert Band

This post is part of our Concert Band Season series. Visit the Series’ page for more information.

Concert band is one of the few group activities I’ve been a part of where you can create beautiful works of art and never know the people next to you. In most other groups and teams, knowing your peers is critical to achieving success. Although you can definitely put on a concert without knowing everyone in your band, there are so many benefits of developing a strong sense of community within your band.  Most humans have a natural desire to be a part of something.[…]


How to Make Concert Band Season Rock!

It’s that time of year when marching band fanatics attend obligatory concert band rehearsals, watch old marching band shows from past seasons, and generally lament about how much the next 6ish months are going to suck. Well not so fast, I say!  Marchers, even though you aren’t out on a field, you can still have a great time in your concert band! And concert band musicians, you can use this opportunity to do so much more than quietly wish all the “crazies” would leave you alone. This is an opportunity to do things that there just aren’t time to take care of in the fall.[…]


How To Know Your Time As A Student Leader Is DONE!

This article is dedicated to a good friend of mine who recently faced this dilemma and came to a great conclusion. I wish him all the best with another season as Drum Major of his college marching band!

You’ve probably been there…

“Should I do another term as [insert any student leader title here]?”

If you haven’t had to face that question yet, lucky you! It’s probably one of the most difficult internal dilemmas for any student leader. You’ve loved your time as a section leader, club officer, or all-around Music Department Demigod.[…]


Making Resolutions that Last

Just two days left until 2012!! *Cue flashy lights and party whistles*

This time of year it’s the fad to make lofty wishes to become a better person that most of us have no intention of keeping–the infamous New Year’s Resolution. “I’m going to wake up at 6am everyday!” “I’ll practice 30 minutes a day!” “I’ll lose 5000 pounds!” “I’ll bring back the Foxtrot!” It seems so easy to make resolutions for the new year with blind abandon. It’s perfectly fine to have high-hopes for 2012, but making loose wishes without a plan for action is just a recipe for disaster.[…]